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About Karate

Shotokan is the most widely practised style of Karate, and was developed by Gichin Funakoshi in Japan. Shotokan training consists of Kihon (basics), Kata (forms or patterns of moves) and Kumite (sparring).


Gradings take place approximately every three months, at the BSKA dojo in Ripon. 


The Karate Dojo Thirsk offers mixed age and ability lessons on Wednesdays (18:30 to 19:30) at Sowerby Parochial Hall

Students who want to increase their training can also attend lessons at the BSKA headquarters in Ripon Dojo.


New students get the first two weeks for free!

Beginners are not required to wear any special clothing. If you decide to continue you will need to wear a plain white Karate Gi with a white belt. Coloured belts will be provided upon grading. Karate Gis embroidered with the Byakko Shotokan Karate Association logo are available to purchase via your instructor. Alternatively you can purchase without the logo from suppliers such as those below.


All students require a Karate Licence book after their first two weeks of training. This book also records your grading progress, and should be renewed anually.

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